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Autodesk writes about implementation of Revit at Mikada

Autodesk, the producer of Revit Architecture, described implementation of this software in our company. Proficiency of the team in using the software with its advanced features, induced Autodesk to describe how we make use of Revit Architecture in daily designing work.



The full article is available at Autodesk website here (in Polish - translation below)


Mikada and Revit Architecture

Mikada – design firm from Poznań – focused on effective creation of design documentation and visualizations for property developers and architects. The company's competitive edge is backed up by its proficiency in designing according to Building Information Modeling (BIM) process using Autodesk Revit software.

"Our strategy consists in a very effective process of design documentation creation" – says Michał Kamiński, Mikada's CEO. „That’s why at an early stage we decided to use Autodesk Revit software platform. From our point of view, having a digital model of a building significantly speeds up the process of making changes and automates the preparation of documentation".

Autodesk Revit software was implemented in years 2009-2010 and it was partially funded by the European Union (WRPO). The software is currently serviced by AEC Design, the authorized Autodesk partner.

Mikada cooperates primarily with real estate developers who work in Belgium and is also establishing cooperation with Belgian architects. Our services include creating digital models of buildings based on supplied drawings and preparation of documentation, visualizations and other necessary materials. "Thanks to our expertise in Autodesk Revit software, we are able to carry out these tasks more effectively than other design firms that make use of traditional design techniques", says M. Kamiński.

Another area of our expertise is support in implementing Autodesk Revit software – especially during preparation of library and templates and when setting standards for working with digital models of buildings.

"Cohesion of the software and our developed cooperation methods let us work effectively in a distributed design team", explains M. Kamiński.

Digital model of a building – Belgian experiences

For several years Mikada has cooperated with a Belgian developer that specializes in construction of terraced housing developments and apartment buildings. To make the design process more effective, we decided to unify the software on both ends, i.e. in the design firm and in the developer's company. We have chosen Autodesk Revit, taking into consideration the uniqueness of documentation preparation in this type of design – in particular an already developed system of building construction, multiple-use libraries and a large number of elements that are used repeatedly.

"The final convincing argument for our partners was the possibility to eliminate errors at the design stage that usually didn't surface till construction was in progress” – concludes M. Kamiński.

Mikada started off by developing families of elements and other components to use later in the design process. "Proper preparation of libraries or templates means we save time later during design process, especially when we deal with repeating elements that are common in terraced housing developments” – M. Kamiński explains.

Autodesk Revit allowed to speed up the design process. Moreover, creating a digital model of a building or of a whole housing estate grants access to a large amount of information that was difficult to acquire before.

„A digital model provides a huge amount of information about a whole building or a group of buildings. This data is automatically updated when the changes are being made. This gives us an advantage when assessing different parameters of a building and when selling to the end client” – claims M. Kamiński.

From model to visualization

Mikada also makes visualizations for its clients. Models created in Autodesk Revit are exported to 3ds Max software. The cooperation between the two programs significantly speeds up the creation of attractive visualizations. At the same time, Mikada makes use of working visualizations created in Autodesk Revit. „It splendidly facilitates communication, especially with people who seem to lack spatial awareness” – says M. Kamiński.

Results of software implementation

According to Mikada, the main benefits of Autodesk Revit implementation are access to the latest information and consistency of the 3D model that instantly includes all changes. Also important is the elimination of errors that are difficult to avoid when using standard 2D design techniques. "I reckon Autodesk Revit software allows our team consisting of ten people to carry out considerably bigger number of tasks" – M. Kamiński says. "At the same time, it becomes clear that our expertise in Autodesk Revit software is considered by clients as one of our chief assets".

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