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For us, BIM is a way of thinking and acting. We continuously participate in trainings and gain new skills. Examples include obtaining the Revit Architecture Certified Professional certificate and a dedicated training entitled: "BIM in practice" conducted for us by Bimplan.

We cooperate and gain experiences on the Belgian market, where practical application of BIM is very common.

Building information modelling (BIM) is a new way of approaching the design process. While mentioning a building model in BIM, we mean a database, collection of information about the building, with drawing documentation constituting its graphic representation.

  • Building - includes the entire process of investment execution, the building lifecycle (design, construction, maintenance, demolition)  
  • Information - refers to adding, management and processing of information from each stage of using the building
  • Modelling / Management - using integrated model tools to define and analyse the building, its design, construction, maintenance, organisation and control. 

Using BIM exceeds the stage of planning and designs, covering the entire lifecycle of the building, supporting processes connected with building management within the scope of finances, construction and administration.


Multidisciplinary Coordination

Coordination of branches is a complex issue, but we have a proven solution! In many places, the "first come first served" rule is still applied, which results in general lack of coherence of documentation and problems at the execution stage of construction. This is how collisions arise (for example with respect to structures, ventilation, sanitary installations). We detect collisions in the office, which is ten times cheaper than detecting them at the construction site! It is possible because of combination of architecture, construction and branch models (coherent documentation for ventilation, electric, sanitary and sewage installations). Our services enable close cooperation of various specialists at the construction site.

What are the advantages of such solution? There are many of them! First of all, it allows detecting collisions at the design stage and easier analysis of the designed solutions.

They include benefits related to:

  • savings of time and costs, because of preventing expensive changes and corrections at the construction site,
  • significant reduction of additional costs because of eliminating errors before they arise at the construction site,
  • reduction of delays in performance of the investment,
  • all participants acting in order to achieve a common goal.


BIM for contractors

Using a 3D model, we can see the design from all sides and easily understand it. We can also quickly verify assumptions of the designer. Besides, using a 3D model, we can also control the amounts of materials necessary to complete the project. A 3D model provides better communication and exchange of information between all participants of the design process: the investor, the designer and the contractors. While using a 3D model of the building, we receive such information about the building as linear, space, volume and quantity presentations of materials and equipment.

Another benefit of using a 3D model is an immediate and detailed list of elements of the executed building.

It provides time and money savings because of minimisation of material losses. It means optimisation of material orders and better control over the performed investment.

Facility management

The process of managing real property requires coordinated actions, detailed knowledge and complete, coherent information about the managed facility.  Changes introduced in the functional layout of a facility and its equipment make the manager's work more complicated, while incomplete information generates additional costs.  Preparing a virtual 3D model of the building in the BIM technology (Building Information Modelling) supports everyday maintenance of the facility. 

A 3D model of an existing building made in order to obtain information about the building that is useful for the real property manager means fast and detailed presentation of area, cubature and equipment elements of the managed building. All presentations are automatically updated if any changes are introduced.

The main benefit arising from such application of a 3D model is a virtual 3D model that is always up to date.  It allows reliable and fast obtaining of data useful in the building maintenance process, which provides for comfort of work and financial savings. 


Technical documentation

We are engaged in preparation of documentation to applications for construction permits and building modelling. Our services are based on deep knowledge of the Customer's needs and long-term cooperation (for over 10 years). For that purpose, we implemented safe communication tools - extranet. 

All tasks are managed by architects and engineers from the appropriate branches. We are experienced in working with Revit software, confirmed by the certificate - Revit Architecture Certified Professional. 

Such model of work provides the architect/designer with a possibility of focusing more on the concept work. It provides time savings because completion of documentation is performed by specialists from a given branch.



Training and implementation

We offer dedicated Revit trainings. They include implementation of software adjusted to the Customer's needs, post-implementation support and creation of revit families. We also provide support for the first project and addition of dedicated families to Revit.

Training and implementation is prepared by practical specialists in cooperation with a certified Autodesk coach.

Benefits resulting from our trainings mean shortened time of software implementation and faster achievement of high efficiency in handling the software. They also include saving of time while working on the project and obtaining new methods in everyday work. Training and implementation will ensure higher integration of your team. With us, you can strengthen good image of your company and motivation of your employees. You will also significantly improve communication between the members of your project team.

Creation of families

We suggest supplementation of a standard template by loadable and system families. We offer adding parametrics to the existing families. We prepare families with high advancement level.

Families are prepared by an experienced specialist - Revit Architecture Certified Professional. They are always adjusted to actual needs of the user. What is important, families are prepared to generate presentations.

Because of supplementing a standard Revit template, creation of the model takes less time and comfort of working with the software is increased. The designer may focus on substantive issues concerning the facility and not on technical aspects of preparing documentation.



Static visualisations mean shots that can be used in printed and Internet presentations. Such form of presentation of the facility is effective for all types of buildings. When it is used to present the facility from the outside and the layout of rooms in the building, your Customers will be able to easily find out how their investment is going to look.

Because of transparency of static visualisations, the end user may easily view the investment. There is no need to read the entire technical documentation. Benefits include photorealism and presentation for each stage of the investment, which can be presented at the same time to wide audience. Another benefit is permanence of the presentation. Visualisations constitute support for marketing.

Using visualisation means also financial savings (its cost is lower than a show flat). Visualisations create positive image of the company and contribute to winning new Customers because of better presentation of the investment; they also increase prestige of the brand. They are also related to financial savings because of easier verification of the applied design solutions.



Animations are films presenting camera route along a freely selected path. They constitute a tool perfectly reflecting visibility on the road, bridge or housing estate.

In comparison to static visualisations, animations have additional advantages. Introduction of movement to presentation allows showing an entire, large, infrastructural investment (for example road). Because of animation, control of visibility on the road becomes easier. It is also possible to add sound effects.

Use of animation is related to meeting procurement requirements and creating positive image of the company. Animations allow gaining new Customers because of better presentation of the investment. Benefits include also increased brand prestige and financial savings because of verification of the applied solutions. Because of animations, it is easier to gain acceptance of public opinion for the performed investment.

Virtual trips

360° panoramas mean dynamic shots simulating view from the perspective of a person standing in one place with a possibility of looking around, up and down. It is a perfect solution to present housing estates in the Internet. They are characterised by full realism. Interactive visualisation with a possibility of adding other effects: plans of flats and houses, housing estate maps with your current location market, google maps with locations, technical cross-sections of premises.

In comparison to static visualisations, virtual trips have additional advantages such as the possibility of looking around in any direction and interactivity. An additional benefit is that the entire investment is presented in a coherent way and the entire housing estate may be presented in the Internet. They are also characterised by highly realistic sense of space. The Customers may view the investment before a meeting. It is also possible to add sound effects.

Benefits arising from using virtual trips include creation of positive image of the company which employs modern solutions. They also allow gaining new Customers because of better presentation of the investment and increasing brand prestige. Meetings with the Customers may be used more effectively and verification of the applied solutions provides financial savings.


We offer detailed models of actual investments constituting spatial building models in any scale. Models suggested by us are characterised by perfect sense of space. Models constitute a classic method of presenting a building. Our models may be made of one or more materials.


The benefits of using models first of all mean a more detailed presentation of the project, in particular large investments (large area buildings with unique shape, housing estates). It is also a good promotional tool providing effective presentation of the project. A model is impressive because of perfect reflection and application of realistic materials, high precision and details. The model is presented in its surrounding. It is also possible to add lighting and control it using a tablet application.

Benefits connected with using models include gaining new Customers because of better presentation of the investment and increasing brand prestige. Models make it easier to convince an investor to execute untypical investments.

Dedicated outsourcing is a service for the Customers who can take advantage of at least one FTE. In return for fixed monthly remuneration, we provide a qualified employee, tools (computer and software) and the entire infrastructure (office, Internet access etc.). It includes various tasks, even those not included in the standard offer, for example plans of interiors, construction calculations, executive drawings etc.

It is advantageous to have the same person perform all tasks for a given Customer and implementation is faster as well. Because of dedicated outsourcing, you receive an employee with proper qualifications and professional experience. We keep in touch online and offer an advantageous settlement system. Internet communication takes place through a secure extranet site. It is also possible to temporarily delegate the employee to work in your office in order to conduct training activities or implementation.

Benefits include: lack of initial costs connected with creating a work position (computer, software etc.), optimum costs corresponding to the work position, as well as safety - employee backup and support of engineers from other branches. It is also important that your own employment costs are decreased and your receive support of the staff whose training is adjusted to your requirements. Besides, it ensures low rotation of employees.


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